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Why Choose LightsAmerica

The LA Difference

Simply put - we work for you.

When We Say "Custom," We Mean It

We create hand-made websites that let you decide what your home page looks like, how your search results will appear and how much (or little) information you want displayed. Our proprietary software and e-catalog were built from the ground up to put you in total control of your website and the content that fills it up.

What's more, we're constantly adding new features and tools that allow you and your salespeople to do more for your customers and help make your cash register ring.

What's In It For You?

We set up, build and manage websites for lighting showroom retailers across North America. This includes designing custom websites and providing around-the-clock technical support.

We configure all the back-end logistics that makes your site run quickly and smoothly such as :

  1. Web Hosting with your own domain name
  2. Interface Set-up
  3. Email Configuration
  4. e-commerce Integration
  5. Analytic Reporting

We create sites that are easy to find and shop featuring:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Site architecture & navigation
  3. e-catalog of lighting fixtures
  4. Design layouts displaying your logo, phone, address, store hours and more
  5. We can even write all the descriptions about your company for you

Plus, we manage all the details on your site and keep it current like:

  1. Updating your product lines and price lists in the e-catalog
  2. Maintaining top-of-the-line security for all transactions
  3. Adding new vendors to our e-catalog
  4. Storing your customers' Wish List data for easy accessibility
  5. Optimizing your photos and content for speed

What About My Budget?

We understand that showrooms in different markets have different needs. That's why we offer a variety of website packages.


Our most basic website package is totally FREE! With it you get a fully functioning website that includes a Wish List, "about us" page and products from up to 20 of our more than 170 vendors. You'll also be able to list your location, contact info, hours and directions to your store. Your site is 100% free for as long as you want it due to the skyscraper Web ads located on the sides. But you can always upgrade to have these ads removed or choose from other options for a low monthly fee.


This low-cost website features an unlimited selection of vendors, and your own URL address. This package includes many of the same benefits our competitors offer and more, such as Free Google Analytic reports and search engine optimization. You can also turn it into an e-commerce site for just a little bit more per month.


Our top-of-the-line package gives you a fully customizable e-commerce site. With it, you receive a number of back-end controls, which allow you to decide what you display and how it's displayed. You also get an assortment of exclusive tools such as our PDF Wizard, Showroom Price Tag software and the ability to create "sub websites" for your best customers (like interior designers and contractors).

To learn more, click Free Demo or call 847.754.4877.

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Real Partnerships

Partnerships That Work

Our customers span across North America - from the US and Canada to the Caribbean and Central America. More than 200 lighting showroom retailers make up our network, which gets more than 5.5 million page views per month.

Our customers include many of the biggest and most successful independent light showrooms in North America. But as impressive as that might be, what we're most proud of is what our customers continue to say about our team and the solutions we deliver.

What LightsAmerica customers are saying about us

"I got my fist job, at the age of 16, as a stock boy in the lighting showroom of an electrical supply store. I have been in the lighting industry for 31 years. About 3 years ago, I received an email from LightsAmerica that I responded to, and it turned out to be one of the best moves I could have made for my company. I can easily say that LightsAmerica has been the most exciting lighting showroom enhancement program I have come across in my long career. LightsAmerica is now the backbone of our showroom. We use it for visual inventories, tagging fixtures, pricing, selections and sales. Our clients are impressed and liberated by being able to visit our virtual showroom 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are able to share their selections with other family members, their electrician and builder in real time with family members, their electrician and builder. Their "wish list" keeps our records nicely organized. In fact, we use it as an exhibit for them to sign along with their estimate. It documents their choices and avoids costly numerical mistakes. We no longer have to drag out dozens catalogs and try to remember every single picture in each catalog to make recommendations. Instead, we now have selection centers with a flat screen monitor, keyboard and mouse. "We have a staff of 22 - and from our drivers to our office staff - they all use it and love it! When we're hiring new employees and see the lost look on their faces, we pull up our virtual showroom and ask them to assist a make-believe client by asking a few simple questions with the search criteria. They are amazed how knowledgeable they will appear to our customers on their first workday when in reality, they have no experience at all. Our builder clients love that our home buyers rave about their shopping experience as efficient and "state of the art. We are able to work in builder's referral fees into our pricing and be comfortable that those prices won't be undercut by an Internet competitor. The dedicated staff of LightsAmerica has been receptive to ideas or suggestions we have had in fine tuning this amazing tool. I have called LightsAmerica just to thank them countless times, and I am delighted to have this opportunity to share my excitement and appreciation for what they have done for my company! I will be happy to speak to any showroom owner that is committed to making his showroom a great experience for his customers and running a smart business. Please feel free to call me if you have any additional questions."

Paul Mihranian
Founder and President of Lighting by Design
Exton, PA

"Many years ago, when we first began looking at building a website for ourselves, the process completely overwhelmed us. We wanted an online catalog to offer to our customers, but we didn't know how to implement it or keep the data current. Thankfully, we found Lights America who allow us to control what we have on our online catalog, what prices we want them set at and even what order they are displayed to the customer.

The pricing is current, discontinued items are kept up to date and are even searchable. Our lighting showrooms now use I-pads every day with our customers, making the most of the online catalog. No more lugging around a ton of heavy catalogs, leaving the customer to price a chandelier for them with a paper price sheet. The search functions are used daily by the salespeople when we have a customer that have specific wants or needs. You can search just by color, size or amount your customer wants to spend.

It's easy to use their label writing program to create consistent looking tags throughout the showroom that are easy to read. The tags even have a QR barcode that you can scan with your I-pad or mobile device and add the item to a wish list. This website, combined with an I-pad make for the fastest, easiest tools to use on our showroom floor."

Lisa Needler
Wabash Electric Lighting Showroom - Lighting Showroom Division Manager
Fort Wayne, IN

Our Manufacturers

Over 200 Manufacturers And Growing

By working with the best, we're able to give you the best websites.

We're proud to work with the best lighting manufacturers in the business. We work hand-in-hand with every manufacturer and their sales reps to ensure that our exclusive e-catalog is complete and accurate.

Here's just a sample of the manufacturers we represent. With each month that goes by, our e-catalogue adds up to 5 new vendors. For a complete listing, contact us today.