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What We Offer


Stand out online and have more shoppers visit your site.

We'll help your website get noticed locally.

Local online lighting showroom shoppers want to find you as quickly and smoothly as possible. To help them, you have to anticipate how they'll be searching. Sometimes, they may be focused on a brand. Other times, they may just be looking for a chandelier or a wall sconce. In other words, they may be looking for a lighting fixture without knowing anything about local showroom retailers.

By partnering with LightsAmerica, we can improve your chances of Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines finding your website in the following kinds of light fixture-related searches in your local market:

General Searches

One of the most common kinds of searches is a generic search for your industry. Online shoppers may use words like "lights," "lighting fixture" or "lighting store" along with a geographical designation like "Evanston" or "Chicago suburbs."

Category Searches

These kinds of searches are the next most frequently performed searches. Online shoppers typically type in keywords such as "ceiling fans" or "outdoor lights" in addition to a geographical location.

Branded Searches

On some occasions, Internet shoppers may look for a manufacturer's brand name or a collection name along with a geographical location.


Fascinate your customers with a friendly online experience.

We'll give your customers a memorable, top-notch online shopping experience.

Your Web customers want to know that you can help them resolve their lighting or home decor problem. With LightsAmerica, your website can deliver all the information your customer is looking for in any way they want. We can help local lighting showroom shoppers select your site by:

Branding Your Internet Store

The best Web strategy is to brand your Internet store the same way you do your retail establishment and your marketing. To successfully make your website reflect your bricks-and-mortar store, we use these marketing tactics:

  1. Integrate your in-store design and messages throughout your site
  2. Communicate your story about your company including your history, the people who work there as well as store hours, locations and directions
  3. Present your showroom product flawlessly and completely
  4. Update your website content continuously to accurately reflect available products and prices

Offering Intuitive Search and Navigation Options

To create valuable selling opportunities, you must first engage online shoppers with a simple-to-understand navigation. Our website designs utilize a simple architecture that allows customers to find what they want quickly and easily. Online shoppers can locate the products they want in a variety of ways including searching by category, brands, collection, finish, fixture size, style, price, colored glass, number of bulbs, and keywords, just to name a few.

Our system was specifically developed to capture as many specific features and attributes for each fixture as possible and to facilitate finding that item through our site search engine.

What's more, our search engine software automatically modifies your search options based on the latest selection you chose - so you won't be asked "number of blades" when you're searching for a chandelier.

Spotlighting Your Quality And Complete Content

By offering complete information on every available product, we are preventing your online visitors from leaving your website. With our proprietary e-catalog, your customers can drill down to the tiniest detail and feel confident this information accurately reflects the true product. Our e-catalog also features large, high-quality images that have been optimized so they load faster. Our system also allows you to display a nearly unlimited amount of fixtures from our continually growing e-catalog of more than 150,000 items from over 200 quality manufacturers.


Have your customers relate to your store in the way they prefer.

We'll help your online shoppers connect with you.

Ultimately, you want to turn your online shoppers into paying customers by inspiring them to find the lighting fixtures they love, share what they found with people who are close to them and stop by your store to purchase them.

Motivating Web Shoppers To Contact You

After an online shopper thinks you can solve their lighting problem, they'll want to reach out to you in the manner that's most convenient for them. That's why we offer a variety of options on every one of your Web pages including phone, email and store address.

When you partner with us, we'll make sure your online shoppers have these tools and call-to-action messages to help them reach out to you:

Direct Interaction Tools

These tools encourage your online shoppers to interact directly with you. These types of tools include "contact us" forms, phone numbers, promotional messages, sales or clearance items, and store directions pages. These tools are essential to generating more opportunities for your sales force to sell directly to these shoppers.

Decision-Making Tools

These kinds of tools help shoppers make a buying decision. For example, they may include comparing products side to side, or creating a Wish List and being able to print or forward it to your sales staff for additional details. Being able to email a selection to a friend for feedback is another great tool that helps shoppers make decisions.

Marketing Tools

Marketing tools help you connect with online shoppers in the same way you do with your traditional advertising. By promoting your store's current ads on your home page or getting your visitors to sign up for your newsletter, you're building a bond with your visitors that motivates them to become a more frequent shopper.